Four Odd Tricks That Can Make You Smarter

Your brain just like muscles in your body need to be exercised regularly to grow memorystronger.  It is fairly common knowledge that working Sudoku puzzles, learning a new language, even starting a new hobby can help the brain grow stronger.  Here are a four unique activities you may never have considered to improve your brain.  Continue reading

Four Ways to Get Through a Rough Day

We all have rough days — things go wrong or the unexpected happens. Although we can’t always avoid those days, we can move through them more effectively and recover from them more quickly. Here are four ways to help you when a stressful situation strikes: Continue reading

Three Great Ways To Warm Up Your Smoothies This Winter

smoothie Nutritious smoothies are an icy delight in the warm weather, but with a few tweaks, you can winterize your smoothie so it won’t make you shiver. Even winter smoothies are cool, but not teeth-chattering, goose-bump-raising cold, and with the addition of warming spices and hearty ingredients, they’ll stoke the fire in your belly and offer your whole body a nutrition boost. Continue reading