Listening to Music Makes You Exercise More Efficiently

Many people listen to music as they exercise. Experts say that listening to music not only makes exercise seem easier, it really does make it easier. The rhythmic beat helps synchronize movements which promotes more efficient oxygen use. That makes you more efficient, so you can run longer. The music also helps drown out the voice in your head that’s saying “let’s stop now and have ice cream.” Sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis of Britain’s Brunel University has been researching the issue for twenty years.  music_and_exercise Continue reading

Drink More Water, Your Body Will Thank You.

If you are suffering from fwater2atigue, you feel depressed or too stressed, and you are looking for more energy, water could be just the ticket. Did you know that 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated? In 37 percent of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger. Even MILD dehydration can slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3 percent.  So if you are interested in losing weight and/or controlling your appetite, if you suffer from dry skin, indigestion, backaches, or headaches, drinking more water might be the solution, at least partly. Continue reading

A Portland Snow Storm And a Dedicated Team United

Snow ShovelDuring our local snow storm, a proud Executive Director, Terry Rose, reflected on his team at Town Center Village and their tenacious drive to keep our residents warm, safe, and happy despite any extreme weather. Here is what he said:

I just wanted to brag on our amazing staff. I know it comes as no surprise to you, but in these times of challenge, I’m blown away by the level of dedication and commitment of our staff to make sure residents’ needs are met and exceeded.

From staff opening their homes to other staff, to waking up at 2:00 am to drive cooks into work, to spending the night at Town Center Village, to just being prepared to get up early and make sure they’re in on time. Every single department was fully staffed today and last night. Our Assisted Living Fountains Dietary Department actually had one extra person this morning!

Kudos to all our outstanding staff for your commitment to making it happen every single day, regardless of what Mother Nature has to throw at us. It is my honor to work with you all. Thank you!!!

The “Younger Next Year” Insight

Senior woman working out in Wellness Center.Having recently returned from a conference hosted by the International Council on Active Aging, we are inspired share some of the overwhelming body of research that supports the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle at any age. 

Saying ‘exercise is good for you’ is not exactly earth-shattering new, of course. The thing that we find exciting is just how good for all of us it is. Continue reading

Joy at Town Center Village Since 2002: Thoughts from Fernando

Fernando Making People’s Day at Town Center Village

Fernando Making People’s Day at Town Center Village

When asked for his reflection on being a team member at Town Center Village, Fernando shared with us these beautiful thoughts about life on a senior living campus and we are delighted to share it with you:

“When I started working at Town Center Village, I discovered that I had a talent not many people have. I discovered that I like to help, that I had the patience to really understand and anticipate the needs of residents (sometimes better than their own family), and that this interaction gave me a special joy! I then started a new stage in my life.

In the course of the thirteen year odyssey since I first started as part of this retirement community, there have been so many moments that I will never forget. One favorite was when a resident, who I had been assisting throughout the evening, wanted to share with me special biscuits her daughter had brought back from Spain. She accidentally called 911 to ask them to send me to her apartment. (Incidentally, these cookies tasted like heaven, filled with rainbow, and sprinkled with stars!)

I have discovered that the needs of residents keep us very busy, but that getting to enjoy their individual qualities as people is the greatest reward. Our residents have taught me that aging is a process and that we learn to live and adjust, little by little, with the whatever new limitation we may be presented with. While I have the privilege to continue working on Town Center Village, if I can help, I will always be doing so with joy, joy, and more joy!“